Health Concerns 

Don Arthur, Barbara Newton, Phil Davis, Jerry Lewis, Rick Moreau, Tammi and Jerry Nansteel and Walt Smusz.

Dr. Kendall & Josh Stewardson

Nazarene Missions:  Kendall and her family will be serving at the Nazarene General Hospital in Papua New Guinea.  Please pray for smooth visa processing, a smooth transition and God's blessings on their family. 

Our Country and Leaders

Please pray for our leaders and the direction of our country. Help us to be a positive witness to those around us.

Our Church: Crystal Coast Church of the Nazarene

Please pray that we will be a loving and accepting church for those who need to know God's truth.  Help us to support and love one another while building each other up in Christ. 


Please pray for all those unspoken requests that are on peoples heart and minds

Those who need Jesus

Continue to pray for those who we may come in contact with who need to know Jesus.  Help us to be aware of others needs around us.